Goodness of tradition

With four decades of manufacturing excellence, TiLAK is the oldest industrial manufacturer of bio-friendly paint, polish and protective coatings in
Kerala, India. In strict adherence to our core philosophy of bio-friendliness, all our products are based on Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL). As a result,
our products are biologically degradable, durable, sustainable, emit low VOCs and are harmless to humans, animals and plants. While the traditional
formulations have helped us achieve our goals, we have gone in an unrelenting pursuit of quality and perfection, to deliver the best for our customers. With
34 years of research and development, we have incorporated numerous innovations to our products that give them uncompromising quality, durability, gloss and finish.

i am Green

The ever-increasing demand and modern methods of production have almost always had an impact on the environment. Usually, the visible destruction or damage gets our attention the most. Invisible damage and harm go unnoticed. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) added to paints as binders play a major role in this invisible harm. VOCs are organic chemical compounds that evaporate easily and reach the atmosphere. They are known to be a major contributor to global climate change. Many of them are highly toxic and linked with numerous health problems. Modern chemical paints continue to emit VOCs for longer period after their application. However, there is a traditional method of manufacturing these and we at TiLAK make our products using a natural ingredient – Cashew Nut Shell Liquid, making it safe for people, environment friendly and delivering all the goodness of nature and tradition.